3 MUST Ask Questions Before Hiring ANY Air Duct Cleaning Company

A vent and duct on the floor of a house.

The ductwork in your home may be an afterthought until you begin noticing signs of trouble.

Whether this is increased dust around the house or difficulties breathing. With this noticeable compromised airflow in your home it’s important to call in a professional for cleaning as soon as possible.

Before making a call to the first company you find through a search, it’s best to first research the top cleaning companies in your area.

By asking each of them the questions below, you can easily identify which company is the best one in Kaufman Texas. You will learn which one will provide your home with the most thorough duct cleaning possible.

#1. What’s Included With Your Service?

A “no surprise estimate†is very important. Some cleaning companies will lure you in with a low price that doesn’t include everything that’s needed to clean all the vents throughout your home.

To avoid this, look for a duct cleaning company that includes unlimited vent and return cleaning along with before and after pictures of the ducts. Services such as the use of antimicrobial products and deodorizers might be extra which is fine if you know this upfront.

A thorough cleaning of all the ducts in your home should be one price. If you are stuck paying extra for every return or vent, you could end up spending hundreds more than you ever planned.

Nobody likes bad surprises.

#2. What Tools Do You Use?

Not all equipment used to clean air ducts is created equal. The lower-quality tools that some companies use do not have enough power, which will keep dirt and dust trapped throughout your system which ultimately burdens your HVAC system with unnecessary debris.

This can result in dirt continuously blowing around your home. The best clean will come from industrial-strength tools, including a roto vax brush and vacuum.

These have the power to remove dirt, dust and lint from even the smallest crevices inside your air ducts.

#3. What Type of Experience Do You Have?

When someone has many years of experience doing duct cleaning, they know the techniques that are best for the most thorough cleaning.

While a professional with one year of experience might do a decent job, someone with 10+ years will produce flawless results that leave your ducts beautifully clean. It’s important to have at least one expert-level professional doing the cleaning to ensure you get the very best duct cleaning in your home.

It’s advisable to ask the duct cleaning company you choose in Kaufman TX, how often you should clean your ducts. They can honestly advise you on the best way to keep dust and allergens to a minimum.

It’s by far one of the best ways to improve the quality of the air you are breathing, in just a short amount of time. By asking the questions above and comparing answers from a few different companies, you will have the confidence you need to hire the right team.

If they offer a guarantee, then you’ll have even more peace of mind knowing your home’s ducts will be cleaned properly from the very start.

If you find the indoor air quality in your home is “less than favorable†air duct cleaning can help.

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