Never Hire A Tile And Grout Cleaning Company Before Asking These 3 Questions

A bathroom with two mirrors and a sink.

When you’re ready to hire professional tile cleaning for your kitchen, bathroom or floors, the choices may seem overwhelming.

How do you hire the best grout cleaning company in Kaufman Texas? How do you know they’ll do a phenomenal job at a fair price?

Use these three questions to make the right choice when hiring a tile and grout cleaning company.

#1. Do you guarantee your work?

Nothing is more frustrating than hiring someone to professionally clean the tiles in your shower, the kitchen backsplash, or your laundry room floor, only to end up disappointed with the results. It may be the tiles are sparkling, but the grout still looks dingy, or you notice a crack or chip in a tile you know wasn’t there before.

There’s a very easy way to avoid sub-standard tile and grout cleaning service. Ask the company if they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

An experienced, professional company will guarantee their service by not taking payment until you’re completely satisfied. In the event you notice a problem after payment, they’ll do everything possible to make things right, or provide a full refund.

#2. Do you provide an accurate estimate?

There shouldn’t be any doubts or surprises when it comes to what you’ll pay to have your tile and grout cleaned. If a company can’t provide a precise cost for their services, it may be because they really aren’t sure what cleaning your tiles and grout will involve.

An accurate estimate involves visiting your home, carefully inspecting your unique requirements, and then providing you with a price and clear explanation of what you’ll be paying for and why it is necessary.

When you work with a tile and grout cleaning company in Kaufman TX, they should provide an in-home estimate. This estimate should be easy to schedule and provided free of charge.

#3. How will you get my tile and grout clean?

It’s normal to have questions about deep-cleaning surfaces in your home. What should you expect in terms of mess or noise? Will cleaning involve toxic chemicals? How long will it take?

A professional tile and grout cleaning company in Kaufman TX should go beyond simply scrubbing your floor or shower with chemicals until they appear (or are bleached) clean. Deep-down cleaning and sterilization requires powerful, effective tools, such as commercial steam cleaners.

Professional-grade cleaning equipment and techniques will break up dirt on the surface and deep clean porous grout, so surfaces are left sterile and sparkling.
At the in-home inspection, ask exactly how your home’s tile and grout will be cleaned.

Taking the time to explain what will be done, how cleaning will be achieved, and why it will work is part of top-quality grout and tile cleaning service. For a professional, answering customers’ questions and providing information about exactly what they do will be a pleasure.

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