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Unlimited vent cleaning and return cleaning for one air handling unit.

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Benefits of air duct cleaning:

1. Better Indoor Air Quality

Dirty air ducts pollute the air you breathe. All sorts of airborne particulates from dirty air ducts cause unclean air in your home. Pollen, pet dander, mold, and mildew can all play a role in contaminating the air coming out of the ducts.

2. Allergens Reduced

Allergens can be effectively controlled by maintaining your home's air duct system clean. Regular cleaning helps to prevent or at least minimize the buildup of these substances and keep them in check.

3. Remove Odors

If your ducts are full of debris, they can cause a foul smell. You can clean your ducts to remove odors and also help to improve the air quality in your home.

4. Less Repairs Needed

Having your air ducts cleaned regularly can help you to have fewer AC repair problems in the future.

5. The Secret To Saving Energy

If your air ducts are not kept clean, they will not be able to operate at their best. This can lead to high energy bills as your air conditioner or furnace has to work harder to cool or heat your home.

6. Prevent Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew thrive in dark and humid environments. In the same way, central air conditioning creates these conditions, which is why it’s important to clean air ducts regularly to avoid these conditions.

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning includes pre spray and steam cleaning of the carpets. The pre spray we use will generally take out almost any stain.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

We specialize in tile and grout cleaning. At Sherman Floor Care we make it affordable for you to get your home clean!

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Wood Floor Cleaning

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Rug & Upholstery Cleaning

Rugs & Upholstery is the most commonly overlooked item requiring regular cleaning in your home. Contact us today!

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Air Duct Cleaning

We clean air ducts, returns and the plenum box and we can do a 99 point inspection. Please call us today for more details!

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Pet Treatment Cleaning

At Sherman Floor Care we offer several different ways to handle pet treatments or stains and at very affordable prices.

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Joel Hoffman
Joel Hoffman
I've used James for my personal home and for several of my clients. He's also done some commercial jobs for me when the freeze happened last year, we had to take care of some apartments and office buildings. He's always performed like a professional and increased my reputation as a General Contractor. I wouldn't even think of using anyone else for the services he provides.
Chris Veach
Chris Veach
I have been friends with James for 49 years now, and have used him for my carpet and tile and grout needs several times. He and his staff are always very professional, and the work speaks for itself. I will continue to use Sherman Floor Care in the future and I highly recommend them for your needs as well. You won't be disappointed!!
Brandon Warren
Brandon Warren
Great company to use. They go above and beyond to make the customer happy. I will use them again. Thanks
John Mark
John Mark
I had these guys come out for a tile and grout job. They did the most amazing job and I promise you won't find anyone to beat their prices or customer service thank you Sherman Floor Care
Brandon Lawrence
Brandon Lawrence
Great service, James cleaned the carpets at my gym SNAP FITNESS in kaufman. He worked around my needs as to not disrupt the use by my members!! Beat the competitions PRICE !!
Baby Brewer
Baby Brewer
Great experience for our carpets. They removed the several pet stains that I was unable to fully remove myself with store bought cleaners. Fast and friendly service 🙂
Heather Macy
Heather Macy
I own a large cleaning and repair company. I have worked with James for a long time now. Sherman Floor Care always does phenomenal work. They go the extra mile to ensure the final product is great. We work on move out cleans and often the carpet is in bad shape.... Sherman Floor Care brings it back to life. He has also cleaned tile and grout for us. James is a hard worker who will always come through. He and his staff are knowledgeable and trustworthy. I highly recommend them.